How do I Find Out my Ring Size?

Check out our In-depth Sizing Guide for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about getting your finger sized, or get in touch and we'll walk you through it.

For a wrist size, a piece of string wrapped around your wrist then measured should do the trick.

What is the Turnaround Time?

Once an order is placed, it generally takes 3-6 weeks to be completed depending on the design and materials used. If you need something in a hurry, we can almost always accommodate, just get in touch 

What Shipping Methods are Available?


COURIERPOST: 1-2 working day delivery. Insured and tracked, FREE.


AIRMAIL: 7-10 working day delivery. Insured with minimal tracking, FREE.

DHL EXPRESS: 2-5 working day delivery. Insured with detailed tracking, US$50  (FREE for orders over US$1000).

If you live outside of the US, NZ or Australia, you might be charged import duties.

Can I Return My Ring?

Sure can!

If for any reason you’re not happy with your piece, send it back for a full refund within 60 days.*

*Custom Design Fees and Shipping are non-refundable.

Can I Send My Ring Back to be Resized?

You bet!* Your first resize is totally free.

For any subsequent resizes we charge US$30. 

Rings with stones or custom designs can be a little trickier to resize. They may take some extra time.

*Titanium rings cannot be resized. Sorry.


How Much will my Piece Cost

Our sterling rings range in price from US$145-US$195 depending on the width of the ring. Titanium rings range in price from US$225-US$275 depending on the width. Gold, palladium and platinum rings are quoted on an individual basis, but for bands 6mm and wider, you can expect prices to start at US$495 and go up from there.

Adding gemstones (up to 2mm in size) to rings costs US$50. Larger stones will be quoted for on an individual basis. For more info about stones, check out our Gemstones Blog Post.

What if the Etchings Start to Fade?

We’re always happy to re-etch, blacken or return your piece to its original finish for the cost of postage only.

For information on how to return an item for any reason, get in touch.

How do you make the Designs on the Rings?

Our “etchings” or more accurately, engravings, are carved by hand with a small graver. 

Do you Offer Custom Design?

We have three levels of custom design. To get the process started, check out our Custom Design Options.

What Metals Do You Work With?

We work in recycled sterling silver, titanium, ethically sourced alluvial New Zealand gold - all colours, our own super ethical beach gold, palladium and platinum. Have no idea what to pick? Check out our Metals Blog Post.

Are Your Materials Ethically Sourced?

We are committed to using only ethically sourced metals and gemstones. You can read our general Ethical Practices or for a more in-depth look check out our Ethical Materials.

What Finishes Are Available?

You can choose either a matte or polished finish when buying your piece. Matte pieces tend to get shinier over time and polished pieces tend to get more matte. We can provide instructions on how to bring back the original finish if necessary, just get in touch.

Please note, we polish our jewellery to a satin rather than a high mirror finish.

Can I Send an Heirloom Piece to be Recycled?

We can incorporate both metal and small stones (less than 3mm) from old or heirloom jewellery into your new piece. Although it doesn't make a huge difference to the price you will pay, the sentimental and environmental reasons are certainly worth it.

The way we price this work is, we first work out how much the item would be if we were supplying all the materials, then how much the value of the material supplied by you is, and subtract that amount. Effectively, we buy the metal or stones from you rather than a metal supplier.

For more information fill in our Custom Design Form or get in touch.

Do You Offer Engraving?

We offer six engraving styles on the inside of rings and hand engraving on all other pieces for US$30 per item. We can engrave about 30 characters on rings, sometimes we can fit more, just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Below is an example of our ring engraving styles on 6mm wide bands as well as Ash’s hand engraving on a 20mm cuff.

Wedding Ring Engraving

What Gemstones are Available?

We offer a variety of coloured gemstones and diamonds, all ethically sourced.

For more information about the size and variety of stones available, check out our Gemstones Blog Post.

What Kind of Packaging Do You Use?

We use minimal packaging. Recycled kraft boxes and scraps of beautiful fabric donated to us by Pip at Pip Pottage Designs.

Orders over US$1000 are packaged in a handmade wooden ring box.

These wooden boxes are also available to purchase:

Single ring or earring box US$35

Double ring or cufflinks box US$40

Large pendant box US$45

Will I Be Charged Import Duties?

If purchasing from outside of New Zealand, USA or Australia, you might be charged import duties. These will be collected when your parcel is delivered.