Ring sizing can be a tricky business! There's a lot to think about. Even the time of day and weather can work against you. 

We get it. That's why we offer free and easy Resizing and Returns.*

*Titanium rings, rings with stones or custom designs usually can't be resized, they need to be remade, in which case we will charge a $100 remake fee. We highly recommend ordering a test ring in these cases. The first free resize must happen within the first 12 months of ordering a ring.

We know a thing or two about ring sizing. This is the distillation of everything we’ve learnt over the years. 

Let us break it down for you…


LET US HELP. Just choose “I don't know my size" from the ring size options on the product page, place your order, and we'll be in touch.

HELP YOURSELF. We’ll send you a Free Ring Sizer.

We designed it ourselves to avoid using the plastic kind. It's made of recycled eskaboard, fits into an envelope and ships to you for free.

It's the easiest way to make sure your ring fits perfectly.

For international orders, free shipping takes 7-10 working days. If you need it sooner you can upgrade to courier express for 2-5 day delivery for US$50. 

For New Zealand orders, free shipping takes 1-2 working days.

GET HELP FROM A LOCAL JEWELLER. Although it seems like a pain, you’ll most likely get the right size the first time and avoid the hassle of sending your ring back for resizing.

It’s always good to let them know you just want your finger sized and offer to pay for their time.  

Just to make things extra difficult, there’s more than one way to measure a ring. To make sure you get the right size, take along our info on How We Measure Rings.

Already have a ring that fits?

Nice one!

TIME TO MEASURE IT. See How To Measure Your Ring below.

Trying to sneak a finger size to surprise someone?

MEASURE A RING THEY ALREADY HAVE. First, you need that ring. This may take some sneaking around. ALSO! Make sure they wear it on the same finger the new ring will be worn on (for engagement and wedding rings, this is your left-hand ring finger).

Once you have the ring, it's time to measure it. See How To Measure Your Ring below.

GET HELP FROM A FRIEND. Your partner’s friends may be able to help get a ring of theirs to measure or already know their ring size.

JUST ORDER AN AVERAGE SIZE. We offer free Resizing and Returns, so if all else fails, just pick a size and hope for the best!  The average women’s size is US 6 and men’s is US 9. Please know that titanium cannot be resized, so never guess when it comes to titanium. We’d prefer you not guess for custom designs.   

Wondering which width to choose? What looks good?

That’s totally up to you but if you’d like some help, here are a couple of ways to make deciding easier. 

DO IT YOURSELF. Our Printable Ring Sizer has pre-sized strips in the widths we offer all ready to go. Cut them out, wrap them around your finger and find what looks and feels good.

GET HELP FROM A LOCAL JEWELLER. If you let them know you just want to try on some rings and offer to pay for their time, any local jeweller should be happy to help.

Try on different rings until you find the width you want, then have them measure the size.

There’s more than one way to measure a ring. To ensure you get the right size see How We Measure Rings

What’s the minimum width possible?

IN GENERAL. 1.5mm is the thinnest we like to go. Any thinner and (in our opinion) your ring just won’t be strong enough to last.

RINGS WITH INSIDE ENGRAVING. We can only engrave on rings 3mm or wider.

RINGS WITH ETCHINGS. If you’re having etchings on the ring it really needs to be at least 4mm wide. Some simple etchings work at 3mm but they need to be quite fine and therefore don’t last as long as they would if the ring was wider.

Does the width affect the size?

It sure does. The wider a ring is, the larger it needs to be to fit. If you're measuring your size from a 2mm wide ring (or our ring sizer) but ordering a ring wider than 4mm, we'll need to make your ring a little larger. 

Let us know how you got your finger size and we'll adjust it to account for the width.

To convert international sizes to their US or UK equivalents, see our Ring Size Conversion Chart.

GETTING HELP FROM A LOCAL JEWELLER. Make sure they take the width into account and be sure to take along our info on How We Measure Rings .

USING OUR RING SIZERS. Each sizing ring is 2mm wide.

If you’re getting a ring 1.5-4mm wide, we use the size directly from the sizer.

For rings wider than 4mm we'll adjust the size up to account for the extra width.

Can titanium be resized?

No. Sorry. Which is why it’s super important to get the size right first time.*

To double check your size, we recommend ordering a Test Ring

*We can file the inside of the ring to a comfort fit which makes it feel a ¼ size bigger. If that’s not enough you’ll need to purchase a new ring.

 For in-depth information on titanium, check out our Metals Blog Post.

How To Measure Your Ring.

There are a few ways to go about this. Whichever method you use, be as precise as possible, when it comes to finger sizes, small amounts matter.

If the ring you're measuring isn't the same width as the one you're ordering, make sure you check out DOES THE WIDTH AFFECT THE SIZE above.

USING OUR Printable Ring Sizer. No special tools? Print out and follow our Printable Ring Sizer.

USING CALLIPERS. Make sure you measure to the nearest 0.1mm. The callipers below show an internal diameter of 16.5mm or US size 6.  

To convert your internal diameter to a ring size see our Ring Size Conversion Chart.

USING A RING SIZING MANDREL. Make sure you measure to the edge of the ring, not the centre. 

Measured to the edge, the ring below is sized US 6 or UK L ½ but measured to the centre it would be US 5¾ or UK L (aka too small).

USING A RULER. (In our opinion) this isn’t a very good idea, it’s just too hard to be accurate enough.

Nice one!

YOU DID IT.  As we said at the beginning, this is tricky business. Which is why we offer free Resizing and Returns.

Our Guarantee.

Anything that’s our fault, we’ll fix for free (including postage).  

Free Returns.

If for any reason you’re not happy with your piece, send it back for a full refund within 60 days.*

*Custom Design Fees and Shipping are non-refundable.

Free Resizing.

Your first resize is totally free.*  

For any subsequent resizes we charge US$30. 

Rings with stones or custom designs can be a little trickier to resize. They may take some extra time.

*Titanium rings cannot be resized. Sorry.  

Free Maintenance. 

We’re always happy to re-etch, blacken or return your piece to its original finish for the cost of postage only.

For information on how to return an item for any reason, get in touch.