Ethical Gemstones

Instead of offering a huge variety of gemstones, we've decided to keep it simple so that we know we're offering the most ethically sourced stones possible. It's the story behind the stones that matters to us, we want to know exactly where they come from and how they're cut.

Precious stones


We use Harmony reclaimed diamonds from Hoover and Strong in America and man-made diamonds from the Diamond Foundry 


We use Australian Sapphires. Mined and cut in Australia by people we know.


Emeralds are a relatively fragile stone, so they won't work in all metals. We don't currently have an ethical supply of small emeralds, so we prefer not to use them.  

Semi-precious stones

All of the semi-precious stones we use (shown in the photo above) are Fair Trade and come from Columbia Gemhouse.  This statement from their web site sums it up:

"Fair Trade Gems are closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to strict protocols. The protocols include environmental protection, fair labor practices at the cutting and jewelry factories, and a tight chain of custody that eliminates the possibility of treated gems or synthetics being introduced into the supply chain. The program also includes promotion of cultural diversity, and public education and accountability."

Setting the stones

When it comes to actually putting the stones into a ring there are three main ways we go about it.

FLUSH SET: Most commonly we flush set stones into the surface of the ring, this works best for stones up to about 2mm in diameter. It is possible to flush set larger stones, we'll just need to make the band a bit thicker.

BEZEL SET: Another option to set larger stones is a bezel setting, this is where the thickness of the metal is increased just around the edge of the stone and works great with both a wide or narrow band.

CLAW SET: And then there's claw setting, a whole world of it's own with many possibilities.  This is where a larger stone is held in place with claws rising from the band - the classic solitaire or engagement ring style. We make our solitaire rings entirely by hand the old fashioned way, so they're a little bit organic and wonky and don't in anyway look like they've been made by a robot.