On the technical side of things gemstones fall into two categories; Precious and semi-precious.  They have been used by people for centuries to signify many things.  These days they are generally judged by the four C's; Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat (weight).  

We try to keep things pretty simple though, we're more interested in the story behind the stones, where they come from and how they are cut than small differences in their quality, so, a little bit about some of the stones we use.

Precious stones


We use Harmony reclaimed diamonds from Hoover and Strong in America and newly mined diamonds from the Argyle mine in the kimberly region of Australia.  This is a large mine producing diamonds for industry as well as jewellery.  Although known for it's pink stones we use white argyle stones.  From our research this is the best source of new stones we have found from both an environmental and social justice perspective.


The red form of corundum, ruby is quite tricky to set as it is relatively fragile compared to other stones.  Rubies are available as small round cut 1.5mm stones up to larger classic ruby shaped cuts.


We use Ceylon sapphires, a dark blue stone from Sri lanka as well as white and coloured sapphires from Montana.


Emeralds are also a relatively fragile stone.  The smallest flush set stones we like to use are 1.5mm.

Semi-precious stones

Peridot and Green Tourmaline

A lovely light minty green colour.


Light blue like the sea on a sunny day

Tsavorite Garnet

Lucious green like the eyes of a man-eater.


Lemony yellow 

Cubic Zirconia

Or CZ is synthesized diamond, quite a good ethical and less expensize option, especially for larger stones. 

Setting the stones

When it comes to actually putting the stones into a ring there are three main ways we go about it.

Most commonly we flush set stones into the surface of the ring, this works best for stones up to about 2mm in diameter.  larger stones are possible they just need a thicker band.

Another option to set larger stones is a bezel setting, this is where the thickness of the metal is increased just around the edge of the stone and works great with both a wide or narrow band.

And then there's claw setting, a whole world of it's own with many possibilities.  This is where a larger stone is held in place with claws rising from the band - the classic solitaire or engagement ring style.  We have our own aesthetic when it comes to claw setting and can work through the options with you through our custom design process.



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