ethical practices

In general

We avoid doing things that will wreck the earth. We choose quality over discounts. We believe people deserve a fair wage no matter where they live in the world.  

We're more concerned with where diamonds come from than tiny differences in clarity and color (that you'd never notice anyway). We re-use tape if it’s still sticky.

In particular

The materials we use...

  • Recycled and reclaimed silver and copper.
  • Reclaimed Harmony diamonds from Hoover and Strong in America.
  • Ethically sourced pink and white Argyle diamonds from Australia.
  • Re-purposed heirloom jewellery.
  • Ethically sourced Pure New Zealand Beach Gold which we alloy and fabricate ourselves. (and has a really cool story you should read about here)
  • Alluvial New Zealand gold - this is eroded out of the mountains naturally by water then collected not so naturally by people. From small scale fossickers to river dredgers to large scale gravel deposit mining it all has an impact but in our opinion a lot less impact than hard rock mining (you know, the kind with the giant holes in the ground and tanks full of cyanide). This may sometimes have a little recycled gold mixed in but the gold in your ring will always be at least 95% pure New Zealand alluvial gold.

  • 100% recycled gold, platinum and palladium from Hoover and Strong.
  • We pay all our staff a living wage

We support these organisations and contribute to them financially each year.

Ethical Metalsmiths         Forest and Bird         Amnesty International