• Wholesale price is 50% of retail - the price listed on the website (and in the chart below). We will provide you with a discount code to enter at checkout.
  • Minimum initial order is US$1000 - this includes free courier shipping.

  • No minimum re-order. One off orders ship with our usual shipping options. All orders include free international airmail/domestic NZ Courier. International orders can upgrade to DHL express for US$50.
  • Import duties and local taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Production lead time is 2-3 weeks - when we're in the workshop. We do take breaks but we'll keep you up to date with our plans.
  • Average ring size in our experience, for Women is US 6 and Men US 9.
  • Resizes. The first resize is free of charge, subsequent resizes we charge US$50. Rings with etchings, textured surfaces or stones we like to resize ourselves. The customer/store can arrange shipping to us or for international orders we can send a DHL return label for US$50 - You just package the item, print the label and order a pickup.
  • Inside engraving. On rings, we have 6 engraving fonts available: Freehand. Modern. Cursive. Catties, Lato. Script. And can engrave up to 30 characters. On all other pieces, we hand engrave.

Stock Refreshing. We don't want you to be stuck with pieces that aren't moving. I you want to refresh old items we can swap them for a different design of the same price.

FAQ's. Please look over our FAQs and general website info to familiarise yourself with our materials and processes.

Our Pricing Formula. Our base prices below are in US dollars. These are for rings with etchings or a textured surface and no stones.

  • For a plain band, minus US$50
  • Make it from beach gold, add US$100
  • For the flush set gemstone (including diamonds), add US$50
  • We offer a discount for multiple stones (over 7)


Wholesale Buy Outright Prices - In US Dollars (Your discount code will take 50% off these prices)


Consignment Prices - In NZ Dollars


If there's anything at all we can help with, get in touch.