We Are a Restless Crew!

We're away on a European Adventure! For our romantic justifications (and some pretty hilarious photos) see below, but first...


We're on our way home! Everything (apart from custom designs) should now ship within our usual timeframe of 4-6 weeks.


Ash and Laurel get back August 4th.

New custom designs will not be started until September 3rd

Some standard designs and resizes will not be available between June 1st and August 17th

Thanks so much for working with (and around) us. Check out our Instagram Stories while we're away to see how we're getting on :)

Ash and I on our first ever trip together! 

We fell in love in the middle of my round the world trip when I was 25.That first year, we travelled together to France, drank too much Pernod, made out under the fireworks on Bastille Day and had some very dramatic seaside arguments (in other words, we fell in love). So, to celebrate my 40th birthday, we're going back.

Us on that first trip to France. Sometimes we sobered up and stopped fighting long enough to visit castles. Little babies!

Travelling is a part of who we are as a couple and now a family. It gives us the guilts to leave the workshop behind, so we've worked hard to find ways to minimize the impact it has on our customers (mainly by relying on the awesomeness of Siggy and Pip to keep things ticking over while we're away).

Truman loves trains!

We think there will really only be about a 2-week window where orders will be affected but thought we should give plenty of notice so that no one misses out :)

new zealand wedding ring

Henry snorkelling in Hawaii, because he's the luckiest boy in the whole world.