This Time Last Year

I can't believe I haven't written about this until now.  Actually, I totally can as it took me two years to post about our wedding and I'm still sitting on a post about the ridiculously amazing, out of this world, blow my mind hand crocheted life-size crocodile sleeping bags my Mom made for my kids Christmas 2015.

Well.  Well, well, well.  Etsy made us their featured seller.  Which is a huge deal.  If you're not an Etsy seller, you probably don't know what a big deal it is.  And even if you are an Etsy seller, but started in the last couple of years, you probably don't understand why I think this is a big deal.  To be honest, it's not as big a deal as it used to be, as the featured seller used to hangout on the front page of the web site for a week, which would translate into LOTS and LOTS of views.  Nowadays, the featured sellers hangout on the Etsy Blog, but because I remember those big deal days so much, it was a HUGE deal to me and something I always super hoped would happen.

Well, if you made it through all of that, checkout the feature!  Or, just scroll down to see the lovely and super talented Rachel Brown Photography did for us on super short notice 1 week before Christmas.  And if you go right down to the bottom, you can see my hilarious before and after of the amazing work my BFF Poppy (hire her for your wedding!) did. 

Love this one!  Siggy blackening etchings.Siggy is so pretty.   Pip cracking my ass up.  It happens a lot. The long view of the (old) workshop.  I've reclaimed this room as my own.  I painted it pink.

Siggy talking about an order with Ash.  We work in weekly bunches, with all the orders for the week on one tray.  After the Etsy feature, we had to build bigger trays.  

This is the look I make when I'm scared an order is missing.  I promise I found it.

I'm pretty sure one of us must have farted-one of few things that can inspire that look of love and admiration from Ash

The whole team!  Look how Ash and I are drinking OJ while the Ladies drink all the wine.  Just kidding, we started drinking mimosas at 9AM and the Ladies had to hold everything together while we lost orders and farted inappropriately.