Our Gemstones

The number one most important thing for us when making our engagement rings is that they are as ethical as is possible. We also want these special rings to be family treasures that are passed from generation to generation, so we only use stones that we know will last the test of time.

We've put together this blog post to walk you though our gemstone options to help you choose the perfect stone. 

Recycled Heirloom Diamonds

These are naturally occurring diamonds that our supplier has removed from old jewellery and re-introduced into the supply chain for resale. The world’s existing, above-ground supply of diamonds is immense, by choosing a recycled stone you're helping reduce the industry’s reliance on environmentally damaging mining practices.

There is an independent grading company in the USA called the GIA that grades and certifies the recycled diamonds we use. They are the most well-regarded grading company and are accurate and strict with their grading.

Man-made Diamonds 

These are created in the USA using advanced technology which replicates the natural method of diamond formation, giving them the same characteristics of natural ones, both in strength and sparkle. Lab-grown diamonds present the newest, most technologically advanced, and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds available in today’s market.

All of our lab-grown diamonds are certified and are purchased from suppliers who follow internationally recognised environmental standards and are subject to strict rules and regulations for working conditions and environmental impact. These stones are graded by IGI which is another well-regarded grading company.

The one downfall with these stones is that they are sent elsewhere in the world to be cut and we are unable to trace the exact facility where each stone has been cut. We're not stoked about this and continue to apply pressure to our supplier to give us more transparency about this part of the process.

Fair Trade & Responsibly Sourced Sapphires

Our coloured gemstones are sourced from Columbia Gemhouse. This statement from their website sums up why we chose to work with them:

 "Fair Trade Gems are closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to strict protocols. The protocols include environmental protection, fair labor practices at the cutting and jewelry factories, and a tight chain of custody that eliminates the possibility of treated gems or synthetics being introduced into the supply chain. The program also includes promotion of cultural diversity, and public education and accountability."

Sapphires are our go-to coloured gemstone for our engagement rings. Like diamonds, sapphires are a strong stone meaning they are perfect for both our bezel and claw set styles. We love the rainbow of colours that sapphires come in!

For everything you need to know about purchasing one of our special engagement rings check out our handy Engagement Ring Buying Guide.