Asymmetrical Facets Ring

I just spent the last 3 hours editing product photos, one type of product in fact, some new snaps of our Asymmetrical Facets Wedding Band.  I just stared at them for the last 3 hours straight and I'm still in love with them (in fact I'm wearing a super wide one on my finger right now), so you might want to stare at them too.  Or buy one for your sweetie.  What.  You can buy your own here.

Boom.  This is the very ring that's on my finger right now.  One of my BFF's husbands ordered it for her as a surprise, it didn't fit and I WAS SO HAPPY because it did fit me. 

Maybe you're a yellow gold ring kind of person?  

Or Rose Gold?  And GIANT.

Or teeny tiny with a diamond!

Or maybe you need two that are best friends!