A Word About Imperfections

We all have them! Let's embrace them! But, you're probably here to learn about the surface imperfections of our beach gold rings, not for self-help.

We don't want this gold to ever leave our hands, so Ash alloys it himself without sending it away to be refined, thus imperfections.* We embrace and celebrate these small surface marks as our own little contribution to the wabi sabi worldview.

They're unpredictable, so we never really know what we're going to end up with. Here's a wee gallery that shows the full spectrum of what can happen. In saying that, if you'd rather err on one end of the spectrum or the other, we can totally accommodate.

This is our most typical and common type of imperfection. It's what you can expect if you order one of our beach gold rings. 

ethical wedding ring

 Another to show how it looks on a matte finish ring, this is what the vast majority of our rings will look like.

 This is a little bit more pronounced, but still pretty subtle. We would probably let this leave the workshop without giving it a second thought (unless you had specified as minimal imperfections as possible).

 With this one, we'd probably check with you first, to make sure you were ok with this many marks.

 This is another angle of the same ring. Again, we'd check that this was ok before sending it out.

 This is a ring for someone that wanted very pronounced surface cracking. Ash has made it look deeper with some extra engraving. This is only done by special request. 

 This is a ring for someone that LOVES imperfections x 1,000,000. They asked Ash to add engraving to mimic surface cracking. 

ethical wedding ring


Very, very occasionally, there are imperfections hiding just under the surface that we can't see. This can cause the metal over it to flake off. This is not ok! If this happens to your ring, we'll fix it.

*A word about white gold. We can't alloy white gold ourselves. It requires temperatures beyond what we can achieve in our workshop, so this is made by our lovely suppliers in Auckland, in small batches just for us!