A Sweet Night

So, most parents have a sense of bedtime urgency that kicks in about halfway through dinner when the conversation has dissolved into shouting about THE DARK GREEN CUP and TACOS ARE NOT MY FAVOURITE and you're wondering how you've failed so miserably as a person that your children are at the same time completely spoiled rotten and starving to death.  

Well.  Ash does not experience this urgency.  In the evenings he gets all sentimental and quality-timey and says, "sure!" to requests that I can't even hear because all my brain voices are sing-shouting "15 MINUTES TO WINE TIME" to the tune of one of Missy Elliot's songs.  

All this is to say that one night Henry got to make his own diamond ring at 8PM on a school night and the photos are the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  

Henry's design concept:

Getting to use the torch to solder the ring.

And now it's a circle!

Filing out the rough bits.

Hammering until it's round.

Pushing the prongs over the "diamond."  It was important to henry that the diamond was upside down so the pointy bit was up.

More fire.

The finished product!

An ethically made (apart from the child labour) recycled sterling silver and 14ct beach gold ring with a 1CT reverse-set cubic zirconium.  Not for sale, private collection.