Winter Wedding Rings

A little round up of my favourite winter wedding rings.  Such a fun time to get married!  Snowy, cuddly fires, men in suits, hot toddy's, all so delicious.

This is our snow on pines ring in 18ct Rose Gold.  You can find it here.

 We call this the Oregon Pine Tree ring.  I think it looks like a Christmas tree.  I secretly want Ash to put colourful stones on the branches to look like Christmas decorations, but that might be too much.  Here's the link to buy.

 This is the same ring as above, but in yellow gold.  I don't know which I prefer.  Hmmm.  Here's the link to this one.

 And this is just snowy, snowy perfection.  Also looks good with a few more snowflakes and diamonds thrown in the mix.  We're always happy to make custom rings if you want it a little different. You can buy this one here.