Our Epic Journey Part 3 - Texas!

So, I've been trying for weeks to write this post, but it's hard ya'll, so I think we might just have to settle for a photo essay.  Texas is big and crazy beautiful and full of crazy, big, beautiful people that I love.  It still stings almost everyday that my life is here, yet a big part of my heart is there.  The kind of life that my kids get to live in New Zealand is something that I could never give up, and man the current state of Texas politics and education is seriously, seriously messed up, but it's so important to me that the boys feel the extreme warmth of character mixed with cowboy swagger that comes from living in a place so hot, friendly and full of dangerous animals. 

Henry's starting to get it.  He told me a few times that he felt like Texas was his home.  My favourite quote from the whole trip, "All the people in Texas really, really love me.  Even people we don't know just seem to like me."  

Water tower, Gruene, TX.

Truman in a really old dance hall with his new shoes and new purse.

We didn't get to stay for the beer portion of the dance hall evening unfortunately.

Truman just fits right in.

A beautiful mission in downtown San Antonio. 

Big ass wagon wheel at a truck stop in the middle of West Texas.

Henry on a super early morning hike in Big Bend National Park

I'm pretty sure this is Ash's first selfie.

Henry took this photo as we were all rushing to watch the sunset through "the window" at Big Bend National Park.  I just love it.

And Truman took this photo of Ash and me in the desert.

The dudes dressed up to go horseback riding.  Unfortunately, there is no horse back riding at the dude ranch on Sunday.  Next time boys!

One of the telescope domes at the Macdonald Observatory.

Truman at the State Capital in Austin.

Krause Springs, one of my favorite swimming spots outside of Austin.

Well, this is me!  

I don't feel you can ever relax to this extreme in a cold climate.

Or stay in the lake all damn day.