Our Epic Journey, Part 1

Well, we're home.  This past June, we headed off on a 2 month overseas adventure thanks to the kind understanding of all of our lovely customers, the ever cool-headed Pip that manned the emails while we were away and lovely Siggy that got the workshopped all stocked up and organised so that Ash could leap back into the swing of things upon our return.

Born and raised in Texas and now living in New Zealand, I've made this long-haul between the two places about 9 times now.  Henry's done it 4 times and Truman 3. We felt prepared.  We packed minimally.  We needed no diapers.  We made sure to include lots of swagger and over-confidence in our suitcase, because our kids are awesome!  We travel all the time!  We're patient and kind to each other!  Our kids can amuse themselves at restaurants! Who needs wipes!?!

Me.  I needed wipes.  We were sticky constantly.  Because we fed our kids, LOTS of lollies and marshmallows to quiet all the yelling and whining, which is a totally awesome long term solution and does not beget more yelling and whining and crying.  Also, Truman throws up when planes land.

But, enough of that real talk.  Let's look at some pretty pictures and pretend only the good and attractive times happened!  Our first stop was LA.  We usually just skip through the airport here and head straight to another plane to Texas, this year we decided to spend a few days with our dear friends, Bonnie and Andy and their two littles Maxfield and Molly Lou.  Best decision ever.  


 Truman got to meet some dinosaurs.  And also some bison.

Henry checked out the lunar lander.  

And I got to see the REAL SPACE SHUTTLE.  I totally cried.  Bonnie said I would, and I did.  It was incredible.  We almost didn't go, the kids were over it, but we forced them.  These became a theme on our trip.

Oh!  And we went to Disneyland.  Yeah, Disney, they're kinda evil and we're ethical jewellers, so maybe I this doesn't really jibe with our brand, but dude, it was pretty magical.  We stayed for 16 hours.  We rode everything.  We had cocktails (cocktails!  at Disneyland!).  Our friends were incredible tour guides, knew exactly where to go and what to do and were just all-around the best!  If you get a chance, stay with Bonnie and Andy in LA.  You won't regret it.

The boys are sitting on a bench made out of popsicle sticks.  Because they're in the land made for bugs and so everything is made out of giant, fake trash.  It's pretty amazing.

Tru's favourite ride was the stroller.  Turns out, he likes his space and comfort zone to be intact at all times.  Which is tricky when you're travelling for two months solid.  Routine is just not really available.  Sorry Tru!  I hope you don't hate us forever xoxo

But then again, sometimes it's worth it, eh Truman?  Sometimes the sun starts to set and you wake up from a long nap in the pram and your Dadda takes you on a rocket and then you get to spin and spin in a giant tea cup with your best bro Henry and the hard stuff is all worth it.