A Big Day!

Earlier this month, our oldest boy, Henry, started school.  Here in New Zealand, kids usually start on their 5th birthdays, but none of us were quite ready back in September (well, Henry probably was, but Ash and I were not).  After lots of talking and thinking, we decided the first term of 2015 would be a good time to start the transition and by early March, the day had arrived.

Henry takes his time.  He took 3 days to be born, he takes hours to fall asleep, is the last one to finish most meals and loves his "morning thinking time."  We weren't sure how he'd take to getting up super duper early.  So far, he loves it!  He has his own alarm clock and has learned how to take a shower all by himself.  I'm pretty sure I'll be getting my coffee served to me in bed in a few weeks time.

Where we live, there are two amazing primary schools to chose from.  One is nationally recognised for it's academic achievements, huge variety of extra curricular options and an incredibly beautiful sea view.  There are about 300 students.  The other is a small, country school with 50 students.  The curriculum is very holistic and community based with lots and lots of opportunity to play throughout the day.  Both great choices.  We chose the smaller school.  Henry was instantly comfortable there (we all were) and all of us couldn't be happier.  We're just beginning our relationship with the school, but the overwhelming feeling I get when I'm there is one of kindness.  All the other kids (and staff) are just so, so kind.  The big kids always take the opportunity to tell me how well Henry is doing.  I just love it.

I think Henry was most pumped about getting to take the bus to school.  I think Ash and I both imagined that we'd ease into this, maybe riding it with him for the first few weeks, but Henry had other ideas.  I arrived at school to pick him the first day and he insisted on riding the bus home with all the other kids.  So, we let him.  Plus, he's got the world's best bus stop ever.

I've never met another kid like Henry.  He seems shy, but he's not really, he's just hanging out with himself in his own head.  Like his Dad, he seems to be good at almost everything he tries and isn't afraid to try anything new.  Also like his Dad, he enjoys the company of others, but is also 100% satisfied doing his own thing.  Unlike his Dad, he gets incredible joy from dancing (might get that one from his Mama).  The future is bright for ole Henry Hilton, so pleased we get to come along for the ride.