Updates! And a Giveaway!

Hello blogersons!  Just thought I'd post a little update here in case there are some non-facebook friends hanging out in our little bloggy world.  A couple months ago, one of the editors of an incredibly beautiful wedding magazine in Australia (White Magazine) got in touch with us to let us know they'd like to feature a couple of our rings in one of their upcoming issues.  Great!  We love attention!  Actually, Ash hates attention, which is lame because he's so hot and he should be in lots of magazines.  Luckily, they just wanted pictures of some rings, you can see them here:1 band together (single spread) See that little blue "win" circle?  Well, they also asked if we wanted to give away a ring to one of their readers!  And we said yes!!  Woohoo!  I've always wanted to win one of those magazine giveaways, but I never do.  Probably because I never actually write in for the chance to win that basket of eco-friendly cleaning products, but maybe I'm just really unlucky. Anywho, I digress.  You should totally not miss out on the chance to win this ring!  You can enter here:  http://whitemagazine.com.au/competitions/ Here's a big ole photo of the ring to get you extra motivated:

White Gold Do it!  It's a pretty ring to wear even if you're not getting married!  I can't wait to find out who wins!  Maybe it'll be me?  Just kidding, I don't think I'm allowed to enter.  Plus, I'm literally swimming in rings.  Seriously, I use them to prop up wobbly tables and instead of beans or rice when I'm blind baking pastry.