Packaging Manifesto Part 2

Have you guys been sitting around wondering what was going on with our packaging re-design?  I bet you have.  So, exciting news, we've made some progress! First of all, if you remember from my previous packaging post, we had the little problem of the dubious cotton fluff.  The main problem being that there was never really enough to fill our little paper boxes and Ash always wanted to crumple up tissue paper on top to stop things ratlin' around, which I thought looked terrible, but we always seemed to have lots and lots of it around from things other people send us, so…I'll just go ahead and wrap up this crazily long run-on sentence now.  If only I could use that sentence to fill up the little boxes, that would just save us all some time.  And a few years off my Mom's correctly-grammered existence. I digress.  So I started thinking about all the curtain making places around our house and how they probably have a lot of fabric scraps around and maybe they would want to save some of those for us.  But then I got all nervous and shy about asking strangers to do something for me. So hmm.  Then!  I remembered that we have a lovely friend Pip that makes beautiful housewares and baby wares out of really pretty fabric and she probably can't bear to throw away her scraps, cause she's a total greeny like us, so I asked her!  And she said yes!  And then, she gave me this big bag of (mostly) organic fabric scraps that are just so, so pretty.


See?  So pretty!  I wouldn't throw them away either.  Neither would you.  We're good people. And look at the way they work in our little boxes!


So cute!  Almost as cute as little Truman looked on his Empire Eco Designs blanket when he was a little nubbin (bonus nubbin' pic below).  That's Pip's shop, by the way.  You should totally check it out.  And buy me a yellow polka dot hand-towel thing to go with my oven mitt. Also, we're still working with Mat, the packaging ninja, who's totally cute and has designed theses sweet little pet caskets from paper so that you can bury your little friend respectfully.  Check outhis kickstarter campaign here.  He's got some amazing ideas for us and I can't, can't wait to see how they turn out!  

396077_2854140144930_626931627_nLittle nubbin with crazy little newborn rash.  But, totally cute blanket right?  He still uses it.