So, apparently, we have a blog

Yeah, or so we did back in May.  And maybe some sort of something called tweeter or twiddle or...yeah.  Let's not go into excuses and accountability and all that.  A very wise woman once said, "life's more fun if you don't keep track."  So let's do that!  Let's not keep track and have fun! But seriously, moving is hard you guys.  Especially when you have to take apart a whole workshop and put it back together again in a new place that's a totally different shape than the last space.  

And then we all got sick forever.  I think we're still sick.  We can't tell anymore.  We now buy tissues, we never did that before. Oh!  And the exciting part!  We got really busy all of a sudden!  When we were able to let the dust settle and blow our noses and take stock a bit we figured out that we're twice as busy as we were this time last year.  Which is great.  And awesome.  And hard.  And just so overwhelmingly, well, everything!  The only way I can describe the last few months is to say that they have been full.  Full of good, full of work, full of gratitude, full of germs, full of apologies, full of amazing people and just so, so full.  Full of everything but blogging and twitter and Facebook, so sorry. We have lots and lots of exciting news coming up, including our first major collaboration with an incredible, incredible artist and our packaging re-design is well in the works, so stay tuned!  I promise I'll broadcast more frequently.

snare See?  Even the children are busy snarin' birds and digging graves.* *No live birds were actually snared in the making of this photo.  We are not that quick.