And Now, A Post About Humility

Not sure if this is a good idea, but feeling like a little balance after that braggy mcbraggerson last post that made Ash cringe a thousand cringes and feel his humble Kiwi spirit flicker dangerously in my brash, Texan wind.  So here's a little post about some of our darker moments around these parts.
We have messed up a lot over the years.  Woo boy, we've had some zingers.  Mostly, like all good self-helpy business advice books tell you, these failures have been backed up with great lessons learned.  But some, have just made us argue and feelbad about ourselves.  Or each other.  Or both!  So, grab a stiff drink and maybe send me a little cheer up card after you read these.
The worst, absolute worst was the one time we didn't get the rings to the couple on time for their wedding (and by "we"  I mean me.  Laurel.  All my fault).  We have had some incredibly close calls and we also do EVERYTHING in our power to accommodate ridiculously short time frames (as an aside, gentlemen don't leave your wedding band shopping to the week before the wedding.  Save that week for picking out socks and whisky and playing golf with your Dad for the first time ever).  But once, we didn't make it.  I was either highly pregnant or very newly childed and just accidentally sent the rings with the wrong courier.  It was terrible.  I cried.  A lot.  The rings were actually in Canada at the post office the day before the wedding, but the wedding was on a remote island that took two days to get to.  It was just a stupid mistake.  They were very understanding, but it haunts me.
Ash's big mistakes almost always center around his inability to say no.  He chronically over-commits and under-charges.  It's an illness.  He's getting much better.  Just this week he said no to a project that I know, in my heart, he would have said yes to two years ago.  He's learning! It's great.  I now double his quotes for large-scale custom designs.  Just kidding.  Maybe.
This next one smarts.  Really smarts.  Because...I could have been famous.  Seriously.  To fully understand the agony, you have to understand that we listen to National Radio all day, everyday.  It's the background to our life.  Good radio reception and fast broadband were at the top of our checklist when looking at buying a new place to live.  So, when one of our favorite programs got in touch to interview me about Etsy, it was the equivalent(to me and Ash) of being asked to be on The Actor's Studio or a part of Barbara Walters Oscar special.  Huge.  
I was nervous, but ok!  I read about how to prepare for a media interview, I had talking points, the pre-interview phone call went well.  There's was just one thing the interviewer asked me not to do.  And, I did it.  I totally did it.  And they never aired the interview.  My heart weeps.
Well.  I feel better.  Not really, but, you know, I think that's enough.  Oh!  And also, don't buy a cafe the same week you get pregnant! xoxo Gossip Girl