Exciting News

Hi!  Well, it's been quite an exciting week around these parts.  We bought a new house!  So much for paying off the mortgage by the time Ash is 40.  Oh well.  But!  We now have room for visitors, be they family and friends or people to help us with the business or both!  Ash and Siggy will finally have a decent size workshop to work in and I'll have an office with bookshelves!  Real bookshelves!  Sorry for all the exclamation points, but Ash and I suffered a crushing blow a few months back when our other dream house disappeared from our grasps and broke our hearts.  Anywho, this is it!  


It's in a little seaside community about 10 minutes outside of town.  The beach is about 300m from the front door and out the back is a treehouse!  With a window!  And a little bridge over a little babbling brook and a giant wilderness hillside for the boys to romp around and dig up earthworms and throw dirt clods at each other and dare each other to eat stuff they catch in the stream. It is so, so hard for us to leave our house on the hill and our wonderful, amazing community of neighbors and friends. Change is always scary, but we really feel like this new place will give us that little bit of extra space for our family and business to grow and thrive.  Plus, you can totally come and stay the night!  I make a bad-ass bed and Ash is king of hollandaise.  Wanna see the kitchen?  I always wanna see the kitchen.

I can't express what it means to us that we can even do this kind of thing.  We are so, so grateful that we each get to do the kinds of jobs that we love doing and that doing those jobs supports our family.  We owe it all to you.  I will refrain from getting too sloppy and over-sharing about how when we met, Ash and I were just two university drop-outs that were broke as hell, scheming up money-making schemes with Siggy (some of which might have included avocado theft) and couldn't possibly imagine being able to afford rent let alone our dream house. But, I will say this; we don't ever, ever take it for granted.  We know how lucky we are, so thanks. Oh!  In case you missed it we were also featured on a little, indie blog site called the huffington post.  No biggie.