Henry and Tru's New Bunks

Well, not only is Ash a jeweller AND a chef, he can do awesome things like deliver on my request for cloud bunk beds with a lightening bolt ladder. He's dreamy. Apart from his inability to properly close doors, but we'll put that to one side for now.

Our house is tiny.  It's an ex-state house, which means it has really good bones and an awesome bungalowy look, but it's tiny.  We constantly wrestle with whether or not we want to move because we really don't have room for guests to stay comfortably and these boys are just going to keep getting bigger and we're all here, all day.  But!  We've just finished the renovations (that we thought were going to take 6 months and, ahem, ended up taking 6 years) and our neighborhood is the bomb.  Seriously, our neighbors are incredible.

So, we're constantly trying to figure out the best configuration and always knew bunks would be in our future, so I added them to my list of things to search obsessively late at night on Pinterest (along with boots and quiona recipes I'll never make).  And, I found this photo:

cloud bed

Awesome?  Uhhh, yeah.  It's from this post.  These are the best bunks on the internet.  I knew Ash could do it.  I knew I wanted a lightening bolt ladder.  Let's do this.

When we renovated the kitchen, we had to take out a lovely set of cabinets made from hardwood and really well-constructed.  It makes our hearts cry to think of all the amazing original cabinetry that's been ripped out of state house kitchens and sent to the tip, so we made every effort to keep and re-use as much of ours as possible.  But, there just wasn't room for these in the kitchen.  So, we've been using them as storage in the boy's room for awhile.

This is them here in the back ground. This is also a good "before" shot of the bunk corner.


It occurred to us that they were the perfect height to fit just under the windows and thus could be used as one end of the bunk, retaining all that wonderful storage.  So, Ash put a back on them and attached a bit of wood to the opposite wall and made a deck of plywood.  Then, he cut-out the cloud shapes from plywood which I painted.  The ladder was a bit trickier to figure out.  Ash ended up cutting the whole thing out of one piece of ply and then blocking it out so that there are good places to grip.  It looks incredible and works pretty well, but we wish we would have made it a bit wider so that it's easier to climb.  Kind of good though as Truman's quite a little monkey and we're not quite ready for him to have access to the bunk.

Anywho...here they are!  Our awesome new bunks!  Truman's still in a crib, so we have an extra bed for the first time in a long time.  Come stay the night, you can help me pick out some boots!


Here's another view that shows our awesome Skeleton poster from the caravan shop and the amazing cloud mobile that Siggy made when Henry was born!