Chelsea and Vanessa

Well. Wow. Working with Chelsea to design Vanessa's wedding ring was, how can I say this without sounding over the top, ridiculously joyful. When we read Chelsea's custom design form, it was obvious how much thought and love and a fair bit of holy-smokes-I'm-so-nervous-I-hope-I-get-this-rightedness was going to go into this ring design.

Chelsea sent us pictures of where these two found out that they were meant to be together forever and ever. Because that's how it goes right? It's not really a choice or decision when it's true love, it's more like finally telling the other person what you both already know.

This is that place for Chelsea and Vanessa.

Pip, Chelsea and Ash worked together to come up with some initial sketches for how this scene could look on a ring.

That Ash refined.

custom wedding ring design

And then, once approved by Chelsea, turned into a ring.

The absolute, 100% best part of our job is when we get the honour of seeing the wedding photos of the beautiful people we work with. Here are some of Chelsea and Vanessa. Ridiculously joyful, Right?

Photos by the amazingly talented Lexi Taciak from