Anastasia and Nelson

Aren't they just the cutest, cutest loves ever?  And aren't Anastasia's flower crown and green dress just happy-making?  Also, the groom?  His name is Nelson.  Which Anastasia and I thought was just perfect since Ash and I live in Nelson and everyone loves Willie Nelson.  And my nephew's name is Nelson (technically he's my second cousin, but whatev) and don't forget about Nelson Mandela!  These guys were so much fun to work with and their rings turned out so lovely.

Here's what Anastasia has to say about the whole process: "My husband and I wanted something closer to our hearts than the usual store-bought rings made with ethically questionable materials.  We drew up a design that included a combined sun and moon (to reflect the name we made to share as a married couple: Soluna, which in Spanish means "sun-moon"), and a different colored stone for each ring, placed to reflect the position of Venus in comparison to the Sun on the day we met. 

They were very patient and helpful with all the tweaks and indecision of the process, and we ended up with two beautiful, ethical rings that fit us and our marriage.  I know I love looking down at my hand and being able to see the person who completes me."

Thanks Anastasia!  You're so nice!  And your husband is cute!  And you're stunning and look so happy! WOOHOOO!!!!