Kristy and Kelly

Kristy and Kelly!!  We love these guys.  They are really some of the nicest, most laid back people we've ever worked with.  Plus, they're BOTH librarians and librarians are the keepers of the magic, the keepers of the knowledge.  I was a library assistant when I was 7 and I kinda wish I'd always stuck with it.

So, not only were they laid back and awesome, but they pulled off one of the most amazingly stunning weddings I've ever seen.  So stunning in fact, that they managed to get featured on my all-time favourite wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes.

It was a whole camping weekend with all of their friends and family, I just love this idea.  The whole affair was captured by the amazingly talented husband/wife duo (well, officially now a trio since they've welcomed the adorable Otis into their lives) The Gemmers.  They live and work in the Pacific Northwest and I would so, so hire them if I were you and you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Let's all run away and live in Kristy and Kelly's wedding!  We can make s'mores and pitch our tents and toss beautiful bouquets and talk about our favourite books.  It'll be so fun!  And cozy!  I'll bring the hot chocolate.